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Share the butter // diy skincare based on sheabutter transferred from woman to woman 

Problem definition :

There is one simple rule for skincare : if you can't eat it, don't put it on your skin as your skin is your biggest organ and everything you put on it goes into your blood and into the same system as your food,  99,9% of skin care production are at attack on our skin while nature offers us all good ingredients.
The people who grow and prepare these ingredients receive little income from a product that is sold much too expensive. 

Concept :

Share the butter! 100% natural skincare starting from sheabutter, the miracle product harvested in africa by female communities. Link the people who transfer the nuts to sheabutter directly to the female consumers and support them with the supply of the raw sheabutter, workshops and online tutorials to make their own skincare products. From village to village, woman to woman, sustainable and free of packaging.


Status :

Sourcing network under construction, two keypeople to handle this project (one in Africa, one in Europe) are ready to go for it. 

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