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Dr. Snot // antibacterial-handkerchiefs with a homeproduction-netwerk

Problem definition :

There are too many disposable products.

There are no more simple textile products made locally.
There are too many people out of the regular production system, sometimes because they can no longer follow our fast and complicated systems, sometimes because of age and cost, sometimes because of burn-out.

Concept :

Dr. Snot, a local production of handkerchiefs. This is a very simple product that can be made by almost anybody but ours are special because of their fabric. A mix of natural fibers which had an extra treatment to get a strong anti-bacterial effect (which cotton doesn't have).
Covid taught us that there is an almost invisible network of people who love to sew and help. (many people started to stitch face masks, not only for the money, also because they wanted to help and feel useful ...)
Let's bring all this together, we supply the natural fabric, organise B2B sales and set up a network of homeworkers and social ateliers to make some unique and healthy handkerchiefs.


Status :

Fabrics and treatments have been selected. First contacts for network are made.

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