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“There are two most important days in your life,
the day you are born and the day you find out why.”
—Mark Twain
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The video above gives you an idea of the stillness & art frequency from which UMU and the projects originated. For years I also collected 'ideas for later' in small notebooks, ideas of which I gradually felt 'Sven if you don't work on it now you will become a grumpy old man who thinks, if only ...' Hence the decision to start my third (and also last project). When going through 'the ideas for later' it turned out that these were not really outdated, on the contrary, covid made them more actual than ever.
We are now in a unique momentum, not only to develop products / services that can really improve our lives qualitatively, but also to rethink the structural structure of our society and companies. I believe that we are sailing towards a future with more self-employed people, more local and smaller production units, more focus on creativity, sustainability, spirituality, simplicity ... and where these kinds of 'values' become our greatest asset.

The first UMU projects you can see here are very diverse, after all, there are challenges in many areas ... Big challenges can be tackled in different ways, with 'big plans and projects directed from above' or with 'many small individual projects that grow from below '. I choose for the last option and hope that the small projects I propose are little sparks of light that may inspire you. Under 'UMU projects' you will find concepts about a more sustainable way of constructing and living, improving the quality of our sound experience, enjoying chocolate in a more healthy way, making death more tangible, bringing art back to the people and streets, limiting the fashion waste, etc. Very diverse, but carried by a same frequency of thinking. Whether they will be as successful as previous projects is a big question mark, actually that doesn't matter ... If somehow, somewhere they make a little change for some people, I already consider it being

Are this drops in an ocean of problems for our planet? Maybe yes, but my father used to explain me that you don't have to be with a majority to change things, 'a resonant vibe of change' can be unbelievably strong ... George Bernard Shaw expressed this nicely: 'There are three kinds of people, those who make things happen, those who watch what happens and those who wonder what happened ...', let us form that first group together.

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Please enjoy the fascinating journey that grows out of stillness and art ...

Sven Bullaert

(see bio Sven)

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe,
think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration
—Nikola Tesla
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