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Lifestones // a new way to look at death and feel a new life ... 

Problem Lifestones wants to work on:

We have pushed death out of our lives ..., nice rituals are disappearing and 'handling death' became a business like many others.
On the other hand, as humans we search for a way to keep some part of souls that have left us (human, animal ...) close to us.

Concept :

During a ritual ashes are transferred into a clay stone. This way the soul that has passed away becomes tangible and can be kept close as a talisman ... But the Lifestones concept goes further than this, it starts from the belief that everything (also we) have a specific energy, a unique frequency and that it is possible to transfer this into an object during a 'handover-ritual' done with love and care. 
A special concept done on special locations ...


Status :

Process to make it has been put on point, several people who have passed away now continue to give their energy as a lifestone.

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