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casa UMU

UMU? It's a vibe ... and to feel this vibe, we made casa UMU, a unique spot in the middle of nature that is entirely build with sustainable materials like hemp, cob, willow branches, chalk etc. It is also where we let you sense the influence of shape on how we feel as humans and the place where we organise workshops and inspiring creative gatherings.
In 2024 we will start the construction of a UMU village in Ghana that is build using similar design principles. This village will have :

- Stillness & Art-zone; including Artist in Residency and retreat spot for creatives.

 - Design & Development centre with training programs. (around our values for a more sustainable, spiritual and simple life)

 - Arts & craft zone to make the products of the UMU-projects.

If you are interested in casa UMU or the UMU village project, please feel free to send a mail to 

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