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“Working on new projects gives you the opportunity
to learn and absorb new things.”
—Michelle Ryan

out : PROJECTS enlightened by STILLNESS + ART

Below is an introduction of the first nine UMU-projects. They are very diverse, often small projects born out of observations throughout life, stillness and art. Look at them as small children which are already on a path towards a sustainable, spiritual and simple life and which will become more mature in the coming years. Some are in an early stage, some will already be launched in soonThank you for discovering them,

I hope they inspire you, and please feel free to contact me for further inquiry.

​Click on the project to see which problem the UMU-project works on and discover its current status.

concepts by Sven Bullaert ©

“Unfinished projects are a symbol of progress,
not of imperfection.”
—All Creatives
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