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“Art has the power to transform, to illuminate,
to educate, inspire and motivate.”
—Harvey Fierstein
IN : ART enlightened by STILLNESS

Below are the results of 'moments of stillness', walks in nature and meditations. It is difficult to explain... making these paintings is like surrendering to a flow of connection, a space where past emotions and future ideas join.
Bringing the energy (and stillness...) of these works into your life, home or workspace also makes you an  'AMIDUMU', a co-creator, as the income from art goes directly to the further development of the
UMU-projects that aim for a more sustainable, spiritual and simple life...

​Click on the artwork to discover the story behind and all details.

art by Sven Bullaert ©

“It's not easy to be an artist, but somebody has got to do it.”
—Ben McLaughlin

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