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st-ARTUP // mentoring startups who bring art back to the people and places where it belongs

Problem definition :

Some people have a strong developed left side brain (rational thinking making conclusion based on facts) others have a strong developed right side brain (creative thinking, making conclusions based on intuition). Most important innovations were created by people from the last category, but we now live in a society where almost all decision makers (political, financial, cooperate) are from the first category which makes it difficult for creatives to develop their ideas, specially when they also want to incoörperate art in their project.

Concept :

Mentoring one st-ARTUP a year, giving them structural support on the business side of their idea so that their first year they can focus more on the creation of their own concept. 


Status :

The first st-ARTUP is working very hard to be launched mid March. It's a concept which is combining artistic work with the philosophy and lifestyle of skateboarding. 

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