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IAMbagsforchange // creative projects to use bags for impact and change

Problem definition :

Worldwide up to 40% of fashion productions no longer reach the consumer, as there are masses of overproduction. Even more terrifying is the fact that upto 90% of these overproduction are burned and only a very little percentage is recycled.

Concept :

IAM bags for change is a new re-fashion concept that starts from a simple principle : if there is inventory we first use it to create impact and change before making any new items.
A platform is created so that people who have creative project ideas following this concept are welcomed to join this movement.


Status :

Small test-projects are already proceeding in 2019 .

# IAMGezoârde is a small project in our village where a personalised collection is sold to help the local boy scouts and the residential care center workers.

# IAMantwerpartist is a project in collaboration with Antwerp organisation Ietstof where young antwerp artists paint on I AM bags, The income goes to the artists who suffer most from covid.

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