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Fueli ! // a network of 'fuel for life' community-spots that bring people together in a coöperative structure 

Problem definition :

New axes of mobility are emerging, but they do not have "fuel stations".

The village cafes that still survive are often meeting places for loneliness, alcohol, bitterness ...

We are evolving into a sharing economy, but we lack a new kind of parish house to coördinate this sharing.

Concept :

Fueli! A gas station aimed at cyclists, walkers, ecologically conscious people: Fueli stands for Fuel for Life, a  place where healthy food and healthy local products can be bought and consumed. Fueli's are located on the new axes of transport, which are the good bicycle roads and highways, it is a starting point of hiking trails, and electric charging points. The exploitation itself has a coöperative structure and is an inclusion project where disabled people, the elderly and other vulnerable groups also get a chance to be part of.


Status :

A business plan has been worked out with support of Deloitte and Febecoop, Several activities of the Fueli concept have started in the UMU-atelier (yoga, workshops, bicycle repair service, ...) so step by step we are bringing the right people together to set up this coöperative structure. 

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