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UMU-homes and pods // a new way to build sustainable and healing homes and pods

Problem definition :

We build houses and afterwards they build us. The influence of shapes, materials, proportions on our wellbeing has been lost in technical details and strange regulations. Time for a reset where we start to build with the things (materials, shapes, proportions, colours, ...) we really need to live well and healthy. Principles which can be used widely from a residential home upto a diy tiny house.

Concept :

Building a real 'home' like an animal makes its nest. Using natural materials that breath in harmony with the inhabitant, shapes that feel warm and embracing and proportions that match the environment. (Using ancient wisdom like golden ratio, feng shui and wabi sabi combined with a inner development of your own senses.)

A model UMU-home is being built as an example of this concept and on the same spot there will also be a prototypes of an UMU-pod, a tiny house concept using the same principals and that can be purchased as a diy-package.

Creating a network of construction companies and individuals who also want to make a difference in the way we build and live and who can give an answer to the increasing demand for places that heal and inspire. 


Status :

Casa UMU / The first UMU-model home is already being used as a family home and for workshops around our values. 
Next step will be a UMU-village at the Volta lake in Ghana. A village that will combine an eco resort with an arts&craft zone and school around our aim for a more sustainable spiritual and simple life.

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