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Synthese 3.0 // experience sounds as it should be with the return of the best speaker ever made

Problem definition :

More than 100 new models of vacuum cleaners are released every year. Why ? This phenomenon of constant adjustments to a product (which is often already good) is not
only so with vacuum cleaners it is a system that has penetrated almost all of our consumer goods. What is the sense of constantly introducing new products if there is no real improvement? Such a waste of energy to design them, make molds, set up production lines, do marketing campaigns to attract consumers, etc. ... Often, old products are very good and prove their reliability day after day. Sometimes products just need a small update to live on.
Perhaps this constant influx of new products is there to feed our 'insatiable hunger for consumption', or is it not coming from the consumer but rather from the supplier who does this to boost his productions ? In any case, both motivations no longer hold true in these times where we have to focus on sustainability and the future of our planet.
Another problem is very specific about our sound-experience. The new, mostly tiny bluetooth speakers offer an amazing tone and volume for their size, but we no longer feel the real impact of the waves that sound and music bring. 'The range of impact' from soundwaves goes far beyond what the ear can register ... 

Concept :

Synthese was a Belgian brand of loudspeakers that caused an international furore as being the best speaker ever made. The unique concept of these speakers was conceived in the 1980s by Mr Ivan Schellekens, a sound artist who, from his many years of experience as a loudspeaker builder, sought the optimal combination of elements and components to create the warmest and broadest possible "sound bath". I worked with Ivan on the design of his second generation Synthese speakers (which were sold until he retired in 2017) and after some good talks we came to the conclusion that this unique concept which is still not not yet equaled may not get lost. So the legendary Synthese is now redesigned, keeping the original 'local-made highest-quality' philosophy to transfer sound into an amazing experience.

Due to its wide frequency range, a Synthese speaker is also the best speaker for sound healing where you immerse yourself in a sound bath which can be an alternative therapy for problems such as anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia and trauma processing. It also takes sound meditations to the next level.
With this project I want to demonstrate that it is still possible to bring a 'local made' top product on the market on a small scale, A product that is durable, can last for generations and offers excellent quality.

Status :

The sound of the new Synthese 3.0 has already been improved and it is wow! The small modifications on shape will be ready by second quarter 2022.

Alongside the launch of the new speaker a book will be published explaining the full history of this unique product. 

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