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ORIGINAL ARTWORK // behind glass

Story behind this artwork :

Throughout my life I noticed how different it is to work with women in high positions compared to men. There are of course, as always, 'rules and exceptions', but still, it is clearly different. Actually, it is also more about 'feminine energy' instead of 'the gender' because there are also women with a lot of masculine energy and vice versa. The big difference is that people with a lot of feminine energy dare to act out of intuition, gut feeling. They do not want to approach everything fout of logic reasons and numbers because they have already experienced that their intuition was often more correct than their ratio. It is also striking that men are still very scornful about this gift, where daily reality shows us the havoc their numerical approach has already given us. After all, the gut feeling comes very quickly and acting from numbers is often slow or even too late. So this is about more than eliminating the unfair difference in pay, it is also about the future of us all: the so called 'glass ceiling' for woman exists and needs to go down, urgent.




Description : 

Size : 70x100 cm
Technique : mixed media on cardboard and wood


This artwork includes :

- certificate of authenticity

- zero percent perpetual UMU-bond.

- a piece of DNA from Sven (nail)

- lots of inspiring vibes 

  • Why this shape?
    Let me reverse the question, why are 99,9% of the artwork rectangular there where our vision has no square angels ...The curved shape of this artwork is defined by a 'golden curve-ratio formula which gives you a calm image.
  • will I become rich with this work or UMU-bond ?
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  • a nail euh ... ?
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