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Story behind this artwork :

'A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself.' I fully confirm this quote from Josh Billings.
I still remember the day I got my first dog, I was six, her name was Lady, a mutt who felt to me 'an only child' as a sister and brother at the same time.
Already at that time I was talking to my dog ​​and it remained a habit that I can recommend to everyone. Dogs also give you answers, they do this with their whole body and especially with their tail and eyes. It is also striking how they sense what is coming. Long before a visitor arrives, I notice fat the behaviour from my current dog 'Zazou' that someone is on the way to our home. Hence a belief that I like to share, if you have doubts about something, ask your dog.



Description : 

Size : 70x100 cm
Technique : mixed media on cardboard and wood


This artwork includes :

- certificate of authenticity

- zero percent perpetual UMU-bond.

- a piece of DNA from Sven (nail)

- lots of inspiring vibes 

  • Why this shape?
    Let me reverse the question, why are 99,9% of the artwork rectangular there where our vision has no square angels ...The curved shape of this artwork is defined by a 'golden curve-ratio formula which gives you a calm image.
  • will I become rich with this work or UMU-bond ?
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  • a nail euh ... ?
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