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ORIGINAL ARTWORK // soulportret Elvanie (not for sale)

Story behind this artwork :

Photo shots are often very intense moments, especially when a lot of people are involved; hair, make-up, styling... After the photo shoots, when make-up is removed, I often ask for 'a simple portrait', it is my 'withdrawal moment' where it is no longer about the clothes or accessories. My focus then goes one hundred percent to the person in front of me, especially to the eyes. Sometimes, you can see 'behind the eyes' and you see more than what you wanted to see. Also here with Elvanie, it confirmed my believe ; eyes are the window to the soul 




Description : 

Size : 70x100 cm
Technique : mixed media on cardboard and wood


This artwork includes :

- certificate of authenticity

- zero percent perpetual UMU-bond.

- a piece of DNA from Sven (nail)

- lots of inspiring vibes 

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