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ORIGINAL ARTWORK // soulportret Shari (not for sale)

Story behind this artwork :

In the west, being a blonde woman is equated to a beautiful person with no academic intellect and no serious ambition in life. This is a double-edged stereotype as it compliments a person on external beauty but bludgeon the intellectual caliber.. This kind of prejudices based on appearance seems very difficult to break. I remember once choosing a young woman (Shari) for the image of our denim collection. Although the images were powerful, the negative reactions from the retailers did not fail. 'This does not suit your image, such a blonde attacks your credibility, it gives a fake feeling' and so on. It was also pointless to give counter arguments. Over the years I saw Shari evolve and become a strong woman, a mom with a clear opinion of her own, proud of her family and work. She showed how stupid the prejudices were. Hence a simple tip; never judge a blonde by her hair.




Description : 

Size : 70x100 cm
Technique : mixed media on cardboard and wood


This artwork includes :

- certificate of authenticity

- zero percent perpetual UMU-bond.

- a piece of DNA from Sven (nail)

- lots of inspiring vibes 

  • Why this shape?
    Let me reverse the question, why are 99,9% of the artwork rectangular there where our vision has no square angels ...The curved shape of this artwork is defined by a 'golden curve-ratio formula which gives you a calm image.
  • will I become rich with this work or UMU-bond ?
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  • a nail euh ... ?
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