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Story behind this artwork :

Kobe, April 1995, we are only three months after the massive earthquake that killed more than 6,000 people  in this city. I get out of the station and expect to see a badly damaged city. To my surprise I see almost no damage, all the debris has been cleared and only black lines shows where the earth cracked. Did they consciously opt for a contrast joint? Is this also Kintsukuroi, the Japanese art of restoring broken ceramics with gold or silver lacquer. In Japanese aesthetics, the traces of breakage and repair contribute to the beauty of an object, it is true. I put my camera away and enjoy the stylish serenity of the people around me. What an amazing energy. I moment that confirmed my believe ; collecting experiences and memories makes more sense then collecting stuff.




Description : 

Size : 70x100 cm
Technique : mixed media on cardboard and wood


This artwork includes :

- certificate of authenticity

- zero percent perpetual UMU-bond.

- a piece of DNA from Sven (nail)

- lots of inspiring vibes 

  • Why this shape?
    Let me reverse the question, why are 99,9% of the artwork rectangular there where our vision has no square angels ...The curved shape of this artwork is defined by a 'golden curve-ratio formula which gives you a calm image.
  • will I become rich with this work or UMU-bond ?
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  • a nail euh ... ?
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